Music is a fabric, a texture, not a structure as in a building. So many make the mistake of comparing the “form” of a piece to a structure like a building.
But music unfolds in time, like a steam following its course from mountain to ocean. If you change one event early in the piece, it is akin to placing a pebble in the riverbed. Ultimately, it will change the course of the river.
Music does not arrive at pillars or structural moments that are more “important” than any others. Again this is akin to structures in physical space.
Another image for music is one of a tapestry woven on the loom of time. There are no more important structural units holding a tapestry together, only
“warp and woof” and the rhythmicity of colored threads in and out of the surface. The images we see on a tapestry are the result of this rhythmicity; the “structures” we hear in music are similarly results of the rhythmicity of sound threads (to be discussed in a later blog) called Contrapuntal Motives.
Understanding music as a fabric or a flow can greatly enhance the awareness of how music truly organizes and therefore communicates.

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