Atlanta Symphony Announcement

The realization of a long time dream: Simone Dinnerstein will premiere my Piano Concerto, entitled The Circle and the Child. Simone will be performing it with the Atlanta Symphony on October 17th and 19th 2013 with Miguel Harth-Bedoya conducting.
In 2009, shortly after performing and recording my 12 Variations on a Chorale by JS Bach, Simone Dinnerstein asked me to write her a concerto.
Born out of our mutual love of the music of Bach, the concerto was written always keeping in the forefront of my mind, Simone Dinnerstein’s pure tone, and sybil-like interpretations of Bach’s works.
The Circle and the Child travels through many landscapes of time, memory and emotions. The central movement has at its narrative core a Bach Chorale but weaves links youth, faith and love.
Atlanta Symphony October 2013

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