Bach Echoes

 A Hybrid Variation set on the A minor Flute Partita by J.S. Bach

For Grand Vibraphone or Marimba, 2017

A four movement work: Allemande, Corrente, Sarabande, Bourée Angloise

Duration: 18′

Click here to listen to the work on Youtube

Publisher: Rassel Editions, NY

Commissioned by the legendary Japanese marimbist Makoto Nakura, Bach Echoes is a hybrid set of variations on the solo Flute Partita in A minor by J.S. Bach BWV 1013. Lasser writes: “Bach’s musical world has long been for me the best arena to explore compositional structure and meaning. In this piece, I composed responses to the Bach music by writing music which replaces the repeats that would normally be done in the traditional Partita. In that way, I reply to Bach delving into his own motivic material and brining it into my language, thereby creating a hybrid work with echoes which interlace with Bach’s music and create a new work from it.

Score available for purchase or rental: Click here.

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