Chaconne Variations

For Violin and Piano, 2014

A set of 8 digressions on the Ciaconne from the D minor Partita for solo violin by J.S Bach.

Duration: 18′

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Premiere: Wigmore Hall, London, June 2014
Fennella Barton, violin; Simone Dinnerstein, piano

Other performers: Tim Fain, Emilie-Anne Gendron,

Commissioned by Simone Dinnerstein with funds provided by Alexander Cooper and
Jaquelin T. Roberston.

Inspired by Dinnerstein’s magical performances of the Bach Goldberg Variations, Lasser found a powerful equivalent in Bach’s famous D minor Ciaconne. Lasser writes a set of variations for violin and piano on core motivic elements of Bach’s own work. “In Bach’s music, one can find all musical languages and styles from his time to the present day.” From his profound awareness of Bach’s inner workings and a deep love for his music, Lasser brings forth a work with a truly new voice.

Score available at Rassel Editions: Click Here

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