Sonata pour Flute et Piano


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A Sonata in 3 movements for Flute and Piano
Poco Allegro
Duration: 16′

Publisher: Editions Max Eschig, Paris

Recordings: Flute Agréable, April Clayton, Flutist
Crystal Records CD714

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Written in 1986, “on the roofs of Paris” the Sonata received its premiere at the Floral Park in Vincennes. It has since entered the flute sonata repertoire. The composer writes: “Youth’s smile, the intoxicating artistic stimulation of Paris and the endless colors of a Parisian Spring, all assisted me in writing what I consider to be my most pastoral work to date. Immersed at the time in the song literature and piano works of Debussy, Fauré, Poulenc and Duparc, I became fascinated with the idea of blending the linear compositional thinking I had learned from Bach and Brahms with the more fanciful, mosaic approach to musical structures I had found in the music of the French composers.”

Score and part available for purchase from Editions Max Eschig, Paris

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