Lasser’s cycle “Elemental Earth” on the poems of Robert Frost was recently awarded First Prize in the 2019 NATS – Art-Song Competition. Lasser writes:

“For many years, the poetry of Robert Frost has resonated deeply with me both as a musician and as a human being. His words, simple and powerful, create vivd images and tell a profound story far richer than what they seem on the surface. At first, his words are simple and his stories seemingly benign. But as you listen to the words chosen and to their order, a deep and moving other story evolves from his poetry. A story, full of stoicism, integrity, silent honor and universal human concerns.”

“Elemental Earth” will be performed at the National Association of Teaching of Singing (NATS) annual national Convention in Kentucky in June 2020.

The cycle is also scheduled to be performed in numerous venues in the upcoming months. Please see the event calendar for details.

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